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Sarah Naylor


Daybreak Coffee Cart began as an idea that holds a big heart. I’ve worked in the coffee industry for 11+ years and the pastry arts world for 8 years. As someone who loves creativity I’ve always enjoyed learning about how different things such as coffee and pastries align on the stage of palettes. Coffee has always been a big part of my life. Being able to work as a barista, learn coffee science as well as the craft has allowed me to learn about different aspects of the growers, the communities, the roasters and its servers.


What I’ve loved more than any of it has been the aspect of hospitality. I love to serve others. I love creating something-whether coffee or cake- that is custom for each person. I want to be able to feed not only their stomachs but their hearts. Being able to be a bright spot of someone’s day is a gift. Being a wife and mother of two small children I understand the importance of a moment. With Daybreak I want to cultivate an experience of comfort and connection. I want every drink to taste like it was made by a loved one and every event to be a blessing.

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